april 10 on 10

Life is a race these days. A breathless race of moving from one thing to the next. A one year old baby is in our midst among vacations, ministry activities, end of the year events, family time, memory verses, road trips, eating out, birthdays, packing & unpacking and the taste of summer always on our tongues. It seems that Winter passed the baton to Spring too early and Summer was in the lead before we knew it.

Sometimes the race feels endless…but summer has been sweet. I have been trying to use my phone less. Use my apps and social media less. Play more. Read more. Walk more. Take in life and enjoy my kids {even when they drive me crazy}!

And Aaron has been great at helping me catch a breath here and there…

I got away yesterday for a pedicure and it may have been the first time in weeks that I was alone for two hours. Wow. It was amazing. I actually read through a magazine & did nothing…my brain did not know how to relax…I did nothing…for an hour…while someone cared for my toes and nobody asked me for help!  It was life giving.

So in this season with three littles at home…in the craziness…and beauty and stress of out little life I must thank my sweet Jesus for it all. We are enjoying the endless race of sweet moments and the life-giving conversations and growth in these little lives all around us…for these sweet kids.

ten on ten {april 2015}



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